Friday, August 28, 2009

"......", said K.

I love listening to K when he's playing and using his imagination. Right now he is sitting next to me with blocks. His most recent statement was..."Alright folks! Let's get ready for the competition!" He cracks me up! Where does he get this stuff? Folks? He then went on to tell me he's building the United States of America and he has to go very fast because he is running out of time! Yikes, what kind of schedule is he on?

In the car the other day he was playing with an airplane and Transformer. He was pretending with them and is always talking with his toys. His playing went something like this...the plane was flying through the air and K says "Wahoo! said Jon. Wahoo! said K." Mike then said to me, "Do you think he likes to read books?" :) That was the first time I've heard him use dialogue like that when playing. Maybe he'll be a writer someday!

He has a very vivid imagination and it is so fun to hear and see what he comes up with next. Next weekend we are going to Las Vegas. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with all the lights and sounds there. There could be some interesting stories and statements coming from him! :)

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