Saturday, October 30, 2010


I know, I's been AGES since I've written! My life has changed so much that I could write pages about it, but instead I'll just say "hi" and continue on! :)

It's Halloween weekend and we are excited to dress up as cowboys for the big day! We are heading out to an event tonight which should be filled with fun and then tomorrow it's Trunk or Treat at church. All the kiddos line up and parade around and then go from car/van to car/van and get treats. It's much safer than heading out onto our very dark, non-lit streets here.

Next week we're heading to CA because Mike has Teachers' Conference. K and I are tagging along to enjoy a few days at a beach house and then heading to Legoland for a day. This will be my first time in CA so I'm pretty excited. :)