Saturday, May 23, 2009


How is it possible that it is already the end of May??

K and I spent the first week of May in IL with my parents. It was cool weather and good company! The rest of May has been spent packing, sorting things to sell, doing stuff at school and trying to stay cool. It was in the 100s for a couple of weeks!! We finally have had some relief the last few days, but the temps are going back up again.

We are waiting to close on our "new" house! In AZ the buyers sign documents a few days before the actual "closing" (the day we get the keys!). We were supposed to sign yesterday, but there is a delay! (surprise, surprise!) The sellers are replacing the roof and it has been raining so the work isn't going according to schedule. So, we wait and hopefully sign papers next week. It's not really a huge deal that there is a delay, it's just so funny b/c our house closing in Neenah was so delayed and now we encounter it again with the "new" house. We are not diving into real estate again anytime soon! :) About the house...

*built in the 80s
*4 bed, 2 bath, with an extra room in the back of the house
*fireplace in living area
*breakfast bar in kitchen and room for kitchen table
*new carpet, updated light fixtures
*nice sized backyard that backs to a wash
*a bit further from work than originally planned, but we'll make it work
*move in ready--just needs paint to liven the place up!

We have all of June to move slowly into the new place so that's good! We hope to move room by room with one BIG day of moving the end of June.

School ended for Mike yesterday, but he was still working there last night until 10pm. He will continue to work through June with meetings, summer school and VBS. (And move boxes each night when he gets home.)

Here's a peek at our summer:

June...paint, pack, move, Mike work at school (HIGHLIGHT--trip to visit friends in El Paso!)
July...short family trip??, visit from my sister (HIGHLIGHT), enjoy our new house starts August 12 (HIGHLIGHT--K starts preschool)

K with Grandma and Grandpa H.

Splash pad fun!

New house (minus the swing and vehicle)

Living area

Kitchen table area