Monday, August 24, 2009


I enjoy Mondays! It's the only day of the week I absolutely do not have to drive anywhere or go anywhere. I have gotten quite a bit accomplished already today and hope to get even more done later this afternoon. K has been busy playing with cars and cutting things out. He has been helping me with the laundry too. He is having a very good day of making good choices and I'm praying it lasts!

I am still thinking about starting another blog to share recipes, deals, coupon ideas, etc... I need a fun name though! Any ideas???

Tomorrow is my first day helping in the school library. I am looking forward to helping and getting to know the school kids even more. Our weekday mornings are falling into a routine now and it's been great!

Mondays...home and getting stuff done
Tuesdays...K has school/me in the library
Wednesdays....K has gymnastics
Thursdays...K has school/I run errands
Fridays...Bible class for me/K plays at friend's house

We are counting down the days until my brother's visit!!!! Road trip to Las Vegas!

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