Monday, July 6, 2009


Summer is here and it's HOT! It's really hot in our house since we recently discovered that the central AC unit is too small for the size of our house! Lovely!! We came home from a weekend away--leaving the thermostat set at 87--and tried to cool it down, but it just keeps running and running and running... Thankfully it's only hot and humid about 4 months of the year, right?! :) We have closed off the addition on the house with a big blanket and it seems to be we'll see...

We had a great weekend in Albuquerque visiting friends. We did so much...4th of July fun outside, visit to the zoo, Old Town and Science Museum, lunch at Taco Cabana, made homemade ice cream and hemmed curtains. The boys had tons of fun playing together! K was SUCH a good boy! He shared and took turns like a champ! I was very proud of him!!!

This week we need to get some more unpacked and the house needs major cleaning. It's hard to accomplish much when it's so hot and humid in the house, but we bought 3 new fans so that should help. I'm eager to get all the boxes unpacked and out of sight!

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Hmmm ... for some reason my blogger feed isn't updating me when you put up new posts.