Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sea Monkeys

Right now I'm searching the net for where to buy Sea Monkeys. K wants a pet, so that's what he's getting for his bday. :) He asked me today when I was going to get him a cat and we told him when he is 18 he can buy one. He said that he would buy one when he turns 4! Well, that's next week and it's not happening!! He is not happy about it, but that's life! :) Anyway, back to the sea best friend just got some for her kids and they love them. They are easy to take care of and Mike thinks they are cool. I think K will be happy to have a "pet" he can call his own!

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Leslie said...

Abby wants a cat too and my hubby said 18 as well or when H@ll freezes over! LOL poor abused kids!!! lol