Friday, July 31, 2009

The last day of July

Well I have now have a 4 yr old! K had a super fun day turning 4 last Saturday. We had a small Outer Space party, saw G-Force and had supper at Sonic. K enjoyed getting lots of fun presents and really liked the Sea Monkeys. He checks on them often during the day and was telling us the names of all of them...except there are 100s of them and he can't remember the names he's come up with. :)

K had his yearly check up yesterday and he is growing quite well! He's in the 25th percentile for weight and 50th for height! Pretty good for a kid who wasn't even ON the charts the first year or so of his life! :) We are going to try some allergy meds when he starts with a runny nose and see if that can lessen the use of the inhaler. I really hope so! It's so funny how many people move to Tucson to help with their allergies and others have worse allergies than before.

Mike has been busy getting ready for school. Only a week and a half left! I'm looking forward to a new routine to start. Our weeks will be pretty full with errands, gymnastics, preschool and Bible classes. There is no choir for Mike to be in this year and I am no longer going to be in handbells b/c of my arms (undiagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome) so our nights will be a little more open. That will be a welcome change!!

I used to be really good about doing lots of online surveys to get extra cash or gift cards, but then I slacked off a bit. Well, I'm back into it again and highly recommend a few sites...

mypoints (They send you emails, you click and check out the website or info, get points and save up points for gift cards.)
mysurvey (Surveys and some times they send you products in the mail to try and then complete surveys about.)
vocalpoint (For women to give feedback on products...I often get coupons in the mail from them, usually to get a product for free!)

If you would like to try these sites, please let me know so I can refer you and get credit! I have gotten quite a few free products, gift cards and cash from these sites over the years!

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Leslie said...

he is sooo cute! i love sonic soooo much too.yumo