Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer is almost over

I can't believe that school (and gymnastics class for K) starts in only three weeks! We still want to get to the Children's Museum and Kartchner Caves before that. We'll see if we can squeeze it in!

We found the Sea Monkeys at Toys R Us. I can't wait to see K's face when he finally has a "pet" that is all his own. :)

The house is slowly coming together. I DO NOT have enough storage so I'm still trying to figure out what to do with everything in the "extra room". It's supposed to be the guest room, but right now it's full of boxes and a foosball table. I love this house, but the closets could definitely be bigger!! If only the garage didn't get soooo hot in the summer I'd put more stuff out there. (It's actually pretty full though, too.)

Today I am going to Michael's and will hopefully find some sort of outer space stencil that I can paint on a plain shirt for K to wear on his birthday. I always make sure he has a shirt that fits with the theme of his party. :) I think it's fun!

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Leslie said...

ohhh no you are right..where did summer go?