Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Menu--March 14

I'm slowly getting things organized this week. Tonight I am having a Ziploc House Party! Zipoc sent me a gigantic box of products to share with friends. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of my friends can come since it's spring break, but those that can make it will be getting Ziploc containers, Ziploc memo pads & sharpies, coupons and organizational ideas. I also found lots of great ideas for using Ziploc containers and bags so we'll be talking about those as well. It should be lots of fun!

So, here's what I'm going to attempt for meals this week...

Sunday: ordered pizza
Monday: South of the Border Wraps (Quick Cooking 1999) and brown rice
Tuesday: Potato Pancakes and Mediterranean Zucchini
Wednesday: Turkey Chili
Thursday: out
Friday: Portobello Mushroom burgers & roasted potatoes
Saturday: Minestrone Soup with Pasta, Beans and Vegetables

Since it's spring break we'll see if all these meals actually happen or not! ;)

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