Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break!

Aaahh...a whole week to relax and accomplish things...will it happen? I really hope so! I want us to have fun and spend time as a family this next week, but I'd also love to get some things done around the house.

*Get the garage back to normal after the water heater fiasco
*Get the extra room/guest room organized and livable after the water heater fiasco
*Organize all my new recipes
*Make all the spice blends and from-scratch sauces I want to try
*Find a new satellite/cable provider and save some money
*Get caught up on TV shows that I haven't watched for weeks

So far the fun things we have planned...
*Book Festival at U of A
*Spring Training game?
*Overnight trip to Phoenix with a visit to Ikea, hiking at Papago Park and fun at Schnepfs Farm

Today Mike is working at school to get lots done so he can be at home most of the break. I actually have off of work during break as well so it's going to feel weird to not be typing every afternoon/evening.

I'll let you know what actually gets accomplished--I really hope it's a lot! We'd love the guest room to be completed for my MIL's visit next month and my parents' visit after that.

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