Friday, March 19, 2010


We are back from a quick jaunt up to Phoenix to really enjoy "Spring Break". While at home Mike was still busy with school stuff and we both were working on home projects so there was not too much relaxing or renewing going on. We went up to Phoenix yesterday and spent some time at Ikea. K had a blast in the supervised Kids' Area while Mike and I got some things to help with organization in the house. (I LOVE that store!!!) We then headed over to a huge park to eat some lunch and hike. Well, that was the plan anyway... It was warm and we ate late and I had not had much to drink all morning so I think that all contributed to me all-of-a-sudden feel horrible and just wanting to lie down on the ground. I drank some water and rested in the car a bit and started to feel better, but Mike didn't think we should try hiking when I had just felt like collapsing. So, we headed to the motel early and got checked in. I got a great deal on a suite in Scottsdale that had a full kitchen and allowed dogs! We were even right by the pool and it included a breakfast the next morning. (We are going to stay there again when we head up to Phoenix in May to spend time with relatives that are coming in from out east.) Mike and K went swimming and I relaxed in the room. The rest of the day was just spent chilling out and enjoying time together.

Today we had breakfast, another swim and then headed back to the park to attempt hiking again. The weather was perfect and we spent about 2 hours hiking, playing and doing a couple of geocaches. We then went to The Container Store and had lunch at Chik-fil-A...YUM!!! Then back to Tucson we went.

I am now enjoying my last moments of "vacation" since tomorrow I must tackle the messy house and hopefully get things back to order in the guest room. Mike did an awesome job putting in a new floor and now just needs to get the baseboards in! Hopefully tomorrow!! I'm so thankful for this past week of a break from the normal routine! :)

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Melanie said...

Sounds wonderful! Well, except for the feeling icky part.