Monday, January 11, 2010


Ever since we got back from vacation I have been much more content and at peace with my life. I've been renewed in my desire to decorate and make my house a "home". I've been smiling more and looking ahead to the future. I guess I needed two weeks away from the "real world" and a chance to appreciate what I have here in Tucson. I'm very thankful we had the opportunity to get away and enjoy time with family and friends.

Making my house a "home"...
I am in the process (slowly!) of making our office into my "Paris" room. I LOVE Paris--mostly the Eiffel Tower. So, ever since I visited there I have been collecting pictures, candles, books with the Eiffel Tower on them. Now I am finally going to get them all displayed in the office. I HATE painting so I'm trying to just pain the trim and shelves a silver color, but we'll see if I like that or not. I may end up painting at least one wall in the white room.

I also picked out a wall color for the main bathroom and now just need to get motivated to paint. I don't do ladders so I'll need Mike to get the high spots. I'm sure one of my friends would come and over paint with me too. Maybe it's not painting that I hate so much, but all the prep and clean up. I just want to open the can, put the color on the wall and be done. :)

We decided to have a "cafe/coffee" them in our kitchen and have found a few wonderful wall hangings and vases at Kirklands. (If you've never been to Kirklands drop everything and go NOW! The place is amazing!!!) Mike was able to get all the of things hung up and our kitchen is really starting to look nice!

Looking ahead to the future...
They (school) have sent the Kindergarten letter home...I have to start thinking about sending my little boy off to school ALL day, EVERYDAY in just a few short months. I am excited for K because he is always asking when he can eat lunch at school and stay all day. He will do great and is very ready, for sure...BUT am I ready?? That opens up more of an opportunity for me to work more and I'm praying God would let me know what he wants me to do. I LOVE doing my transcribing and do not want to stop with that, but is there also something else I could be doing and still be available for my family and able to volunteer and go on field trips? It's exciting and scary all together as I think about changes that are coming...

Then there is the feeling we've been having lately--the feeling that maybe God is leading us to pursue another adoption. Honestly, the funds are quite low and I don't see how we could possibly afford another adoption, but God can do anything and I know if he wants us to do this he'll make it happen. So, we are going to meet with a social worker in the near future and learn more about domestic adoption. Another exciting, yet scary opportunity we will explore! (Prayers are greatly appreciated!!)

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