Thursday, January 7, 2010


I love, love, love to read! There is nothing like getting taken in by a good book and forgetting everything else but the story you have been sucked into. I read all kinds of genres...mystery, historical fiction, romance, biographies, suspense...I love them all. So, I was very excited to find out I'd been chosen by to host another party and this time it is a party for Kristin Hannah's book "Firefly Lane". House Party sent me 12 copies of "Firefly Lane", two copies of "True Colors" and one early copy of Kristin's newest book coming out in February "Winter Garden". I have given friends copies of "Firefly Lane" to read and later in January we will meet at my house to discuss the book. The book is about two best friends and their journey through life. I'm planning an afternoon of comfort...slippers will be worn and we'll share favorite comfort foods and drinks while we talk about friendship. It should be lots of fun! (BTW, I already read "Firefly Lane" and while I was disappointed in the occasional bad language and promiscuous lifestyle of one character, the storyline was very good and I required many tissues at the end of the book.)

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Melanie said...

Bookworm here, too! That sounds like a fun party, one I'd really enjoy.