Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goodbye sodium and fat!

Last week I went to the doctor for the first time in 4 years. I finally went in because I had been having difficulty getting a full breath at times and my heart just felt like it was pounding. I figured that since it had been about 7 years since I had had blood work done to check for cholesterol and diabetes it was now time!

The visit went well--the doctor was very nice. It was discovered that I have rather high blood pressure. High enough to warrant doctor's orders of 30 minutes of exercise a day, watch what I eat--less processed and canned foods, and basically lose some weight! Then they took some of my blood in order to check like a gazillion things. (I am NOT looking forward to the bill...) The lab work all came back great except for my cholesterol. The bad was a little high and the good was a little low. Again, exercise and healthy diet!

So began my lifestyle changes! I have busy been searching the internet for information regarding high blood pressure and sodium. I have found many, many awesome recipes that are healthy, low in sodium and fairly easy to make. I have been hiking and walking and regularly sweating due to wii Fit! I DO NOT want to go on blood pressure medication so I WILL follow my doctor's orders and get my weight down and make my diet more healthy. Actually, I have been doing a pretty good job of it--if I do say so myself! :) I'm not going to lie. I was quite the whiner the first day or two (and it's only been a week!). I love pizza and french fries and cake and tacos and... Apparently I have loved all those things a little too much! I am now much more aware of just how much sodium is in things--it is outrageous!! I am a label reader now. I have many more fresh fruits and veggies in my house. My snacks are low sodium and low fat. I eat with much more moderation than before. Surprisingly, it has gotten easier and I'm actually kind of enjoying searching for "homemade" ways to make things and try. I am not as tired and feel good about getting my body in shape. Mike has jumped on the bandwagon as well and keeps track of his daily calorie intake. He is such a great sport in trying new foods and recipes with me.

Here are some things we've tried in the past week...

Portobello Mushroom Burgers
Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Baked Tilapia
Oven Baked Potatoes
Whole Wheat Pizza Crust with homemade sauce

Coming up in the next week I'm going to try...

Breadsticks in the bread machine
Homemade Chicken Strips with honey mustard sauce
Roasted Broccoli
Honey Dijon Balsamic Vinaigrette

One week down and so far so good! According to the wii I've lost a few pounds already, but I'm not sure that is entirely accurate. I have prayed for God's help with this because food is, sadly, a big part of my life and now I have to make it less important. He is definitely helping me and I am so happy that already my attitude is changing and I'm looking forward to a healthier, shapelier me in the next year! :)

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Melanie said...

You can do it! I know it's so hard though. I struggle so much with my weight, too. It's hard when you like food so much. You can do it though. We can do it! :)