Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tucson Fun!

The weather was nice enough today that we were excited to get outside and see some more of Tucson. We chose the Tucson Botanical Gardens because we had an Entertainment coupon to use. :) We saw so many cool cacti, flowers and plants from other countries, herbs, statues and butterflies. It was so fun to walk in cooler weather and and enjoy some fresh air! K smelled just about every plant and was trying to so hard to get a butterfly to land on his arm. It was a bit difficult for him to actually stand still long enough for a butterfly to come near him!
After the gardens we experienced a restaurant new to us...Whataburger! And wow! what a burger we had!! They were so big! Not the best burgers in the world, but now we can say we've eaten at Whataburger! Lucky, aren't we?

Saguaro Cactus
K and the cactus
Hibiscus Georgia's Pearl
"Come and sit on me, butterfly!"

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Melanie said...

Hey there, AZMama! I found your blog through your facebook page. :) I've got a couple of blogs, but my "everyday" one is private just so that not everyone w/ access to the web can read it. If you're interested, I can give you access. Let me know via facebook.

Sounds like you're really loving AZ!