Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have an addiction...

to looking at blogs. :) Blogs about cooking, recipe blogs, decorating blogs, blogs with DIY ideas...I just love browsing and reading blogs! Do you have the same addiction?

I have gotten so many awesome recipes and weekly menu ideas from blogs. I have shared some of those with you in the past. I have also found some great ideas for organization too. And, of course, there are so many great ideas out there for the kids! Here a few of my favorite recent finds..

Check out this amazing crate idea from Blue Cricket Design for keeping your child's school papers neatly organized all in one spot! I have already purchased K's crate and now just need to let him pick out the ribbon. I'll post a picture when it's done. Isn't it a great idea??

Another fabulous idea for keeping the kiddos occupied on road trips was found at Somewhat Simple. I am so excited to start printing things out and filling a book for K. It will be great for our trip to CO this summer!

I tend to stick with the simple ideas, but I really want to try this Clothespin Art Center over at Crafts by Amanda. What an awesome way to share your little one's artwork!

Mike and I have never spent money on a bedroom set since we felt there are many other things we'd rather have. SO, we don't even have a headboard and I guess our room is a bit boring. Well, I hope to liven things up with this super simple headboard! We have some leftover baseboard from redoing the guest room so I'm hoping Mike will have some time to get it cut for me and get the headboard up!

There are so many amazing ideas out there in cyber world and I LOVE finding them! :)


Little Wonder said...

My problem is making time for all the fun things I've found to do!! I have made some sewing projects from things I've found online. FUN!!

Amy said...

Please keep passing along the fun ideas! I have a headboard, but want to make this one just so I can use a new paint color!

Andrea said...

Cute ideas! I like the travel book, too. We're heading to San Diego this summer, so this will be perfect!

My hubby and I are both from CO, so if you need any recommendations on driving, or what to do when you get there, let me know! Blessings!