Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow is pretty, but cold

We made it to Illinois last night! It is SO good to be here!!!!!!

The continuation of our trip...

We had supper from the snack car. Cheeseburger, pizza, hot dog...nothing high quality, but it was edible. :) We sat in the lounge car for awhile after we ate and then got to breath in some fresh air at a stop somewhere very cold. (I can't remember where it was, but a puddle on the ground was frozen.) Then we settled back in our seats and watched Night at the Museum that movie! Bedtime was next and it didn't go exactly great for K, but it's not like it was a normal situation. He finally fell asleep in the seat and then I transferred him to a little "bed" on the floor. I didn't fall asleep until after 1 AM. It was hard to get comfortable and then there was the lady talking loudly on her cell phone at 11:30...seriously, lady! We all eventually got some sleep though.

On Sunday we had breakfast in the dining car just for K. It was yummy! We hung out in the lounge car and then I headed back to my to my seat for a little more sleep. We then found out we'd get rerouted for the last part of our trip because of a derailment the night before. I think that added on a little more to our trip and the last few hours we got a little restless. We finally made it to Union Station and then made it through the crazy, busy station. (I seriously need to rethink how I'll pack for the trip home--one less suitcase would be great!) :) We then boarded the double decker bus and headed to Rockford. My dad picked us up an hour later and our final leg of the trip took us to my parents new home. Hugs from my parents, brother and sis-in-law were a wonderful feeling!!!! (Though I did warn them they should wait until I showered.) :)

So, now we are relaxing on the couch waiting for breakfast. Today we are celebrating Christmas with a yummy meal and presents. Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for our niece who turned 2 last week. We are driving over to my grandparents house to have the birthday celebration with them. IT IS SO GOOD TO BE WITH FAMILY!

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Melanie said...

So glad to hear you made it safely. Merry Christmas!