Saturday, December 19, 2009

Choo choo!

The day has finally arrived! We are on the train heading up to IL/WI/MN for Christmas! We are only a few hours into our trip, but I think this is the way I want to head north from now on!

Checking in took about 5 minutes...we all checked a suitcase and then each had two carry-ons. After we checked our bags we walked out to the train, gave our tickets and went to our assigned seats. SO easy! No taking off our shoes, waiting in line to go through security, sitting around in a terminal...just simple and easy. Our seats are super roomy with a leg rest and reclining capabilites. K and I are seated together and Mike is just across the aisle. We have electrical outlets at our seats so the computers, iPODS and camera can all charge when needed. We are in the very last car of the train and it is so quiet! We spent a little time in the observation car and will eat our supper in there too. There are tables and benches and then seats lining the big windows so you can watch the scenery go by. We have a cooler of drinks and goodies along, but will get supper from the snack car. Probably a hot dog or piece of pizza. The ride hasn't been super bumpy, but actually pretty relaxing. I pray it continues to go well. :)

We are anxious to get home and see all of our families. Mike's dad had a scan on Thursday and they found some cancer in the brain again and swelling of the brain. He's on a another round of chemo the next few days and we are praying that it kills the cancer. It is much easier to deal with this setback knowing that we will be with Dan and the family in just a few short days.

So far, K is doing alright on the train. He did not get enough sleep last night AND does not do well with any type of change so he has been a little cranky at times. In fact, when we were boarding the train he was crabby at me when I asked him to stop for a picture. The lady taking our tickets told K that no one is allowed to talk like that on the train or they'd make him get off the train!!! Well, he got very serious after that and was very careful to listen to what I said. :) We, of course, told him he would not really be kicked off the train, but he should change his attitude. :) (We asked the lady if she could sit by us on the train!) :) K is going to sleep on the floor in front of our seats tonight. I brought a flannel sheet, pillow and comfy fleece blanket for him so he should be comfy. We'll see how it goes...

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