Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Zoo, Bike, Dog

Last weekend we went to see Reid Park Zoo all lit up for Christmas. We got in free by bringing Toys for Tots. I want K to know that not every child in America has 5 million toys like he does! It was great to see bags and bags of toys!!!! The zoo was beautiful! The best part was the snow machine!! You should have seen how giddy everyone (including me!) got when it started to make snow! Everyone was trying to catch it. K risked his life in the crowd to try to get in on the fun! The best part was when he started sticking out his tongue to catch some in his mouth! :) (A picture I didn't get b/c people kept walking in front of me.)

K is the proud owner of a new "big boy" bike!! He won it in a drawing. He needs to grow like an 1/8 of inch to be able to really use the pedals, but he loves it anyway. It will get a lot of use down here in warm Arizona!

I am including a picture of my dog today. I made her dress up in a reindeer costume. :) What can I say? I really get into the Christmas spirit! :)

I've been a little stressed with everything that has been going on this holiday time. God sent me some great reminders last night--reminders to look to Him and to relax and focus on what is important: His Son! I'm trying--I really am--to let the stress go and focus on the cross. I'm also a little emotional because my parents are moving from the home I've known since I was 12. It's the place where the whole family gathers and has so many memories for me. I guess it's also hard because being so far away from family wasn't so bad because I could always go home to my familiar "home" in MN and know that my sis (and family) and brothers would come "home" too and we would all be together. I just can't help feeling like that might not happen again for a really long time. Of course, I'll visit my parents in IL, but will my brothers and sister be able to visit at the same time now that it's further away for everyone?!?!? Will it feel like "home"? Change takes time to adjust to and I feel like it's even harder when I'm sooo far away. I didn't think I'd be affected by their moving, but it's been difficult to think about. I'd appreciate your prayers for my parents as they make this big change in their lives. (You can say a prayer for me too, if you want!) :)


Leslie said...

Praying for you sista!!!

OMG you people in AZ playing in fake snow!!!! Come to my house in ohio plenty! LOL

Awwww your pup looks sooo sweet!
congrats to your son on winning the bike his face is looks soooo happy!


Dinah said...

Looks like you had fun! :)

I saw that your dad took a call. You know, a year after my DD was born, my dad took a call from the place I'd lived for 13 years it was wierd never really going "home" after college, but it was also a lesson in learning that HOME is really where ever family is.

Melanie said...

I also saw that your dad took a call. My dad did at the beginning of this school year, too. It's still strange for me to think of my parents NOT being in the same house they lived in the past 20 yrs.

I like the new blog design! Doesn't that site have lots of cool templates? :)

Ryan said...

WooHoo K on winning the bike!!! I think your dog and your sis-in-law's dog should get together all dressed up:-)I spent an extra amount of time in prayer for your family this am(the 3 of you and the extended fam)