Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Saturday

It's Saturday and Mike has a meeting. I've got to be honest, I'm not a fan of meetings on Saturdays. It's the one day of the week that should be free for us to be together as a family, but that's not the case every week. So, K and I will spend the morning at home and hopefully we'll do something fun as a family in the afternoon. K has the start of a yucky, nasty cold so he should probably lay low this AM anyway. K is looking forward to the juice, soup and honey that Mike will bring home later. :)

We've been researching ways to get up to IL/WI/MN this Christmas. We had not been planning to spend Xmas break up that way, but we would like to see Mike's parents again and that' s the next available time for Mike to be gone from work without having to pay a substitute teacher. So, we absolutely cannot afford the cost of the trip, but we're going anyway! You only live once, right? :) It will be wonderful to spend time with both our families and, God-willing, get up to our old "stomping grounds" and see friends that we haven't seen for over a year. We are currently leaning towards taking the Amtrak! It's cheaper, we can take tons of luggage for free, it'd be fun, we can move around and we have the time to "waste" a day on travel. We'd most likely drive to Albuquerque and leave from there. It's less time and money than going from Tucson. It's a 25 hour trip to Chicago. The sleeper car is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive so we'll just do coach seats and sleep in the seats. We can even bring a cooler of food to save money on the trip. K is beyond excited to ride the train and, I've got to admit it, I am too! :)

If K is feeling better we are heading over the YMCA for trunk-or-treating this evening. It's FREE and there will be tons of kids' activities as well. K is going to be a pirate this year. I've yet to put the whole costume together so we'll see how it turns out! He'll be adorable, I'm sure. :)

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The Casoncrew said...

About 20 years ago I took an Amtrak from Oceanside, CA to Denver Co. It was an amazing ride and sleeping in the coach chairs wasn't really bad at all. You get to run around, they have an observation car with a glass roof and you meet all kinds of cool people. And your kids remember it forever. Trains are cool!

Casoncrew Dad